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Flatsmasters™ Tournament Series

Flatsmasters™ 2020 Schedule

June 13              Grand Slam Plug Tournament (1 trout, 1 redfish, 1 snook- Artificials only)

July 25               Backcountry Classic (1 trout, 1 snook- All baits allowed)

August 29          Summer Lure Classic (1 Trout, 1 Redfish, - Artificials only)

September 19   Red-Snook Challenge (1 redfish, 1 snook- All baits allowed)

October 3-4      The 20th Annual Flatsmasters Championship
Day 1-     (1 trout, 1 redfish, 1 snook- All baits allowed)
Day 2-     (1 trout, 1 redfish, 1 snook- Artificials only)

Download Format, Rules, and Entry Form Here


Entry fees for 2020 will be $1800 plus sales tax for the season. For individual tournaments- $450 pluse sales tax. Entries will include free food and a  raffle at the Captain's Meeting before each event.  For 2020, teams that register in advance for a tournament will receive limited edition Flatsmasters™ T shirts at for each event.

All teams will be required to pay team dues of $107 (includes state sales tax) per year. Teams will receive their boat number in the order we receive your payment for each event, and you may pay for up to 4 tournaments in advance. Sponsors of the Tournament will receive preferred boat numbers.

  Boat #1 will be awarded from a free raffle at the Capt. Meeting of those teams who are present.

The Top 20 Teams in points after 4 events will be invited to compete in the NO ENTRY FEE Flatsmasters Championship Tournament.

Teams earn points based on their order of finish- 1st place = 100 Points, 2nd Place = 99 Points, etc.
in each tournament except for the Double Point Event on Sept 19th where teams will earn double points for the position they finished- 1st Place = 200 Points, 2nd Place = 198 Points
Teams with no weight will receive 0 points for that event

Anglers may have up to 3 alternates throughout the year.  In the Championship Tournament, all anglers must have participated in at least two regular season events on that team to participate in the Championship Tournament.

The Maverick Boats-Yamaha Flatsmasters Championship will feature a Hewes Redfisher 18 with F115 Yamaha engine for the grand prize provided by Maverick Boat Co., Yamaha Outboards,and Ingman Marine valued at $40,000

There will be no entry fee for the 2020 Flatsmasters Championship

Registration will be open on January 1, 2020- Payments may be made online, by mail, or in person at J & C Drydock Marine in Punta Gorda or Capt. Ted's Tackle at Ingman Marine in Pt Charlotte

Payments made online will be charge a PayPal service fee


Non Profit & Fundraising
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