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Redfish Survivor Series- Punta Gorda

Entry limited to 42 teams

3/1-2     Rounds #1 & #2- Laishley Crab House

3/22-23  Rounds #3 & #4- Charlotte HarborFest in Laishley Park

Redfish Survivor Series-Tampa Bay

Dates TBA


Flatsmasters™ REDFISH SERIES- Charlotte Harbor

All events held at Laishley Crab House

04/05     Event #1

05/10     Event #2

06/28     Event #3

07/26     Event #4

09/13     Event #5

10/4-5  2 Day No Entry Fee Championship Championship (Top 35 teams by points qualify)


MORE Flatsmasters™ EVENTS

03/15    Junior Flatsmasters™ Tournament with weigh in on Laishley Crab House Stage

03/23     Junior Flatsmasters™ Final 6 Shootout with Weigh-In at Charlotte HarborFest in Laishley Park

05/17     Sweetheart Couples Tournament


6/21       Charlotte High School Redfish RoundUp Tournament

7/19       Habitat For Humanity- Hooked on Habitat Fishing Tournament

TBA        REEL Ladies Fishing Tournament to benefit Susan G. Komen for the cure

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